Elspeth McLean on Dotillism and the Power of Art Therapy

Artist Elspeth McLean at Work

You may not have heard of her… yet. Elspeth McLean is a painter who is using her art to not only lighten her own heart but to do hopefully the same for others. One dot at a time.

She calls her style of painting “Dotillism.” Using acrylic paint and a paintbrush, she creates vibrant, colorful, and intricate pieces of art composed of patterns of dots. The designs can be made into logos, hang beautifully on café walls, be the centerpiece in an art gallery, or be a treasure in your home.

McLean, as per her artist bio, draws influence from mythology, seasons, ancient art, and more. As the bio explains, she finds painting dots to be a meditative experience and makes it the focus of her life. “Through her art she hopes to connect people with their inner child and to bring some vibrancy and joy to their lives.”

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Attacks on Women in Cologne, Germany and Refugee Worries

Unfortunately, some women in Germany received more from the New Year’s celebrations this year than anticipated. During the nightly festivities in the western city of Cologne, dozens of women were sexually assaulted and robbed. The horrific incidents have led critics to attribute the cause to the many migrants in this particular city.

While I denounce the actions of the culprits of the street attacks, I do not participate in labelling those offenders as all being refugees. While Germany did take in approximately one million people seeking asylum last year, it is not fair to say they are responsible for these crimes without having any proof to stand behind it.

When critics of the large number of migrants then learned of the assaults and robberies on women at night, I think they jumped on an argument that would fuel the fears of people across Germany. However, as I write this post on the evening of January 5, there are no details to confirm that the attackers were (or were not) refugees and no arrests have been made thus far.

There are reports that the attackers looked to be of a North African origin. As far as I am concerned, looking as though you come from North Africa does not automatically mean you are a refugee! Consider this too: a rise in migrants can be unrelated to a rise in attacks on women in the same country.

Regardless of who committed the vicious acts, though, it is clear to me that the perpetrators have no respect for people living in harmony together or personal boundaries, and they have no sense of humanity. Also, even if it turns out that the perps were migrants, it does not make any difference to the criminal sentence they will receive for the heinous acts. Everyone is equal before the law. A punishment for committing a crime does not consider a person’s background or ethnicity.

What are your thoughts on the refugee fears and the rise of street crime on women in Germany?