Cover Reveal for My Upcoming Book Versions of the Self

Here is the cover reveal for my next book Versions of the Self, which will publish in May. I am excited to show it to you!

Poetic Parfait

OH yes! It’s nearly time for the launch of Versions of the Self.

I can hardly contain myself in sharing with you the book cover for the first time publicly! I will be offering the book in BOTH Kindle and hardcover versions.

Here it is, the front cover for my next poetry book:

Poetry Book Cover Versions of the Self Book Cover of Versions of the Self. My next poetry book! Photo: ©2015 Christy Birmingham

I am so pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you to the designers who have helped me. I began by selecting a premade cover by designer Betibup33 of The Book Cover Designer. The paintbrush caught my eye as it relates to the creations (painting) of the self within the book. Such a unique

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Writing of Importance – Christy Birmingham (@christybis)

Wow. Thank you to author Matthew Simon Alexander for this amazing review of my poetry collection Pathways to Illumination. Being able to bring awareness to issues such as depression and domestic violence, in this case through poetry, is so important to me. My next book Versions of the Self will publish next month. Again, I am grateful, Matthew, for your reflections on the book.

the textual silence project...

Poetry is an art form I admire, mostly because it is the one form of writing that I have most struggled with in order to ‘find a voice.’ I am a huge fan of Plath’s work,[1] obsessively so, and so it was with much delight that I came across Pathways to Illumination, Christy Birmingham’s debut book of poetry. A brief bio taken from Ms. Birmingham’s publisher’s site (@RedmundPro) helps give a sense of what the overall work is about:

Christy Birmingham is a freelance writer who resides in British Columbia, Canada. She writes poetry to help heal from her past and reach out to women who are struggling. This sense of purpose began after the end of a toxic relationship, when she met the heavy hand of depression and attempted to take her own life.


Birmingham seeks to help women understand they are not alone when they are…

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Blue Angels Welcome Katie Higgins as First Female Pilot

The Navy’s Blue Angels are a tradition at the Marine Corps Beaufort Air Show in South Carolina and many other air shows. This particular 2015 show though, which took place earlier this month, was a historical milestone. Yes, it was the first time that a female pilot flew with the Blue Angels! Her name is Katie Higgins, and she is inspirational!

Who is Pilot Katie Higgins?

Katie Higgins is a Marine Corps Captain who explained recently to CBS News that she watched the Blue Angels fly when you was a child. Ironically, she was quoted as saying she was inspired by watching the planes in flight. Now here she is as the inspiration – awesome!

Higgins comes from a long line of military aviators; there are three generations, to be exact. Her father flew the F-18 Hornet, which is part of the Blue Angels squadron.

Inspiration as Blue Angels’ First Female Pilot

Think of all of the people that Katie Higgins inspires by being the first female pilot on the Blue Angels. There are people of all ages watching her, thinking wow I can go into aviation or do whatever else is my dream. She is an inspirational woman in particular by showing females of any age that you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of your gender.

While females have been sitting in American cockpits for about 20 years now, it is the first time that the Blue Angels have had a female pilot. I thank Katie Higgins for the wonderful example she sets for young girls who are dreaming about what their careers will be as an adult. If someone says to them, nah, gals can’t be military pilots, they can respond by saying, well what about the Blue Angels, they have a female pilot!

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