The Beauty of a Woman


Here are beautiful words from the inspiring Audrey Hepburn, as shared on the blog Maverick Mist. Thank you to Maverick for the wonderful spotlight on women! This line is my favourite: “But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” Reblog!


  1. Beautiful! I agree true beauty comes from within. A physically beautiful woman with an ugly heart suddenly does not look so beautiful.

    • Yes, it truly was a post I was so happy to share here! Great to see you appreciate it too, Deb xo

  2. She wrote a beautiful poem. It is as beautiful and more than she ever was. I guess it is still growing with the passing years, though she’s not here.

    • Yes, sometimes words seem to live on and become more compelling with age. Perhaps more taste to them, like a fine wine over time. Thanks Resa for the lovely comment.

  3. What a beautiful poem and sentiment.

    No matter how physically imperfect one feels one is, if one bestows kindness, consideration, respect, and happiness upon others and gives more than one can expect to receive, that is the type of beauty that shines brighter to those who matter most.

    • YES exactly, Andrea. You saw through to the heart of the words here. Also, great to see you!

    • Yes, Raj, I thought it spoke volumes of Audrey’s personality. I wish you a lovely weekend, my friend.

    • Linnea, I agree that it’s a wonderful sentiment about the inner beauty of women. Thank you for taking time here today!

  4. What I like the most is that she spoke of the beauty in the inside even when she was so beautiful in the outside!… It was even more value I guess…
    Happy friday CB :star: Aquileana :D

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