Learning to deal with PTSD – Fighting PTSD

Thank you Patty at Petite Magique for providing information about PTSD and the courage it takes to continue to fight through it. Reblog.


When you get diagnosed with PTSD or suspect that you might have PTSD, it can be a difficult pill to swallow. You will most likely have a lot of questions or are at lost for what to do next.

Maybe you think that you are crazy. Maybe you feel ashamed. Even a little shocked.

That’s normal. Give yourself some time to adjust.


Let me tell you this (and this might seem strange to you): Being diagnosed with PTSD isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s a good thing! Not that you have PTSD obviously, but at least now you finally know what’s causing your stress, anxiety and all the other stuff that’s been thrown at you. And now you know what you are up against, you can start to deal with it. You are not your diagnosis! Remember that.


Tip 1: Educate yourself!

It’s important to know as…

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21 thoughts on “Learning to deal with PTSD – Fighting PTSD

  1. Wonderful of you to reblog this most informative post Christy. Many people don’t understand the true effects of this ailment. With all the crap going on in the world, it’s enough for us to just hear such atrocities on the news. But for those who have lived through traumatic situations, I couldn’t even fathom what terrible effects it would leave one with to keep with them in their memories for life. 🙂

    • Yes, I think it’s a lack of awareness that keeps PTSD like this unknown thing in the corner people don’t want to get near… Thanks for the comment for Patty’s post here, Deb. I appreciate you catching up on posts xxoo

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