Women’s words

Women need to keep fighting to become equal – and I hope that one day it happens! This is a well-written post from “Idealistic Rebel” on gender inequality.


Historically, we know that women were not supposed to have an opinion, a good idea, or anything but a good dinner on the table. There was little a woman was allowed to do besides all of the housework, cooking, baking. When abolitionists and suffragettes began to stand up at a podium to speak in support of ending slavery and allowing women to vote, they were heckled and had rotten vegetables and rotten eggs thrown at them.

Now women are speakers, writers, CEO’s, athletes and not the weaker or second sex. Are we equal? NO! I am a news junkie and America is suffering from an increase in racism and misogyny.  Black men are being targeted. Even a white woman like I am can see that. But women are targeted, too. Republicans have made sure that women do not earn equal pay for equal work. We are the only citizens who…

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8 thoughts on “Women’s words

  1. Good article on an ongoing issue! I feel something like “salt in a wound” to find out all Republican Senators said “no” to equal pay for women.

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