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This book “Her Story: Is Not Always A Story” looks to be an amazing read that opens up discussion about the injustices women face in the workplace and in other areas. I wanted to share an overview of it here, as written on the blog “A Shade of Pen.”


A Shade Of Pen

I have stopped reading the daily newspapers. Do you know why? I cringe when I see the endless cases that pile the newspapers these days.

A girl of 14, gang raped.

Old woman, alone in house; looted and killed.

Girl sues boss for misconduct.

Seriously? Where is the happiness in seeing all this? Sure, people may say that I am choosing to be blind, but what does knowing about all these news do, if I can’t put my hands up and say, “hey I did my part; did you”?

This brings me to this wonderful compilation of stories called Her Story: Is Not Always A Story. I am seriously proud of being a part of this; not only because it is the first of four where I am being published this year but for two more reasons.

Firstly, I am sick and tired of finding women being harassed at their workplaces…

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Is Women’s Equality Day a Reality Check?

Augmented reality

What is reality, ladies? CC0 Photo by Bradley Hook from Pexels.

And so August 26 is here, officially marking the anniversary of the women’s right to vote in the United States. Yes, it is the date when the 19th amendment was changed, and it is called Women’s Equality Day. While 94 years have passed since then, I have to wonder if dedicating a day to women’s equality is a reality check – I mean, can we really celebrate this day?

What exactly do I mean? I am referring to the fact that women in the US are still unequal to men in so many ways. Speaking specifically about professional fields, women make substantially less than men on average across the US. According to the Catalyst website, “In 2013, the mean weekly earning for full-time working women  was $706, compared to $860 for men.”

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#GreenWhiteViolet A Guest Post on Women’s Right to Vote

Today I am pleased to announce a guest post on women’s right to vote, written by my blogging friend and costume designer Resa. I hope you enjoy reading the post as much I have!



100 years ago, #GreenWhiteViolet meant, “Give Women the Vote.” Yet, what does it mean now, and why do I care?

The largely male-dominated world is a mess. To make it work better, I believe that the pragmatic answer is found by commingling the nurturing intuitional intelligence of women equally with the aggressive hard-line intelligence of men.

Nonetheless, women were and are currently sidelined to varying degrees, depending on the situation and issue.

I believe Canadian women have the earned right, and should be at the forefront of peaceful dialogue for a decent global future. This is because our sociopolitical evolution has been exemplary.

In the early 1900’s, women of the United Kingdom, France and the United States of America who were involved in a political movement to obtain their right to vote became known as “Suffragettes.”

Political cartoon of women

Suffragette Political Cartoon – Harper’s Bazaar – illustrates the costume, the movement and the fact that it is a cartoon serves to reinforce the humor aspect that Canadian Women used.

Canadian women were part of the Suffrage movement. Of the many inspiring sisters before us, my favorites are Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, Dr. Augusta Stowe Gullen and Nellie McClung.

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How Creativity can take Women Further than Ever Before

About creativity

Creativity has the potential to expand opportunities for women. Photo Source: nnenn, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Creativity has the potential to take women further in their professional lives than ever before – and certainly beyond what leadership abilities can. This concept is one of many streaming through my mind as I read the book Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul by David Castro.

About the Book Genership 1.0

Genership 1.0 is an interesting read that delves into the limitations of the word “leadership,” a term that Western civilization puts a lot of emphasis on as being both important and valuable for adults. However, have you ever thought about what leadership means?

As author Castro explains in the book, leadership is an ambiguous term, with limitations to it by not including the concept of creativity. Castro suggests that instead of focusing on being leaders in our society, we are better off focusing on how we can create our world with others, to create new opportunities for growth. He gives a name to this creativity term and it is called “genership.”

Applying Creativity to Women’ Roles

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Why Kriste Lewis is A Cheerleader Making a Difference

The 40-Year-Old Cheerleader's Twitter Profile

Kriste Lewis is a Cheerleader Making a Difference. Image: Screenshot taken by Christy Birmingham.

When Kriste Lewis became an NFL cheerleader last month, it was a big step toward making a difference in a world full of stereotypes. She joined the Saintsations, which is the New Orleans cheerleading squad, and it was not the typical cheerleading hire. She is a cheerleader making a difference!

For starters, Kriste Lewis is 40 years old. While most people think of a cheerleader as being in her early 20s, at least at the time of being hired, Lewis is double that age. I loved hearing her age as it provided me with proof that age truly is just a number, and it’s more the spirit that counts when you apply for a job or go after your goals. She is now one of 36 women on the Saints team.

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Positive Affirmations

This is a wonderful post from blogger Kate at FlippyZipFlop about being positive. I loved the line “Be happy that life is a gift you are not taking for granted.” So true!


As I sit here, anxiously awaiting todays Daily Prompt, I’m left to think.  I scroll through and read all the posts going up, and after reading and responding to everyone, this is what I have to say.  It has taken me YEARS, but I have made it.  And one key factor in my survival was positive daily affirmations.  You see, I know I’m a good person, but for so many years, I was called a vast amount of other things from crazy, to a liar, a cheat, etc.  Well, if you’re at all familiar with the labeling theory, you know that if you hear these things on a regular basis, you start to believe them.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I wasn’t born an evil person.  I wasn’t born with hate and animosity.  I won’t blame anyone for injecting them into my veins; as I am the keeper of my body…

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The Ultimate Women’s Dance Routine to Inspire You, From So You Think You Can Dance

Women dance and inspire on TV

A wonderful dance routine to inspire you. Photo Source: evilthomtai (flickr), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When I first watched this dance routine on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance, I actually forgot to breathe. It captivated me, and I forgot to breathe. The top seven women on the show were amazing as they danced to the Evanescence song “My Immortal” on the July 30th episode.

The choreography and the way the dancers all carry it out is an amazing package. It is a gift, truly, because it spotlights the beauty of the female form and the amount of emotion these ladies express during the routine. In just under two minutes they portrayed emotions that included love and angst. They brought beauty front and center as well as intrigue and true heart. It’s pure, raw and wonderful.

The routine was choreographed by a woman too, making it the ultimate tribute to what women can accomplish in dance. Choreographer Mandy Moore, a regular part of the TV show, created the amazing dance routine. What I find fantastic is the way the female body can express in dance so many emotions without any of these seven talented ladies speaking a single word.

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