To Women Who Struggle in Meetings

When it comes to issues women face, we still seem to be many years away from reaching gender equality. I mean, is this really 2014? Yes, women still struggle in meetings with speaking up, and it’s interesting to find out what research reveals that men think of their female co-workers who sit beside them at the table.

Women at meetings

When women struggle to be heard at meetings. Photo source: By Nlpictures (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Common

Specific Struggles of Women in Meetings

What exactly are the struggles of women? Many females report finding it more difficult to speak out during meetings than in other business situations, according to a recent study summarized by the Harvard Business Review.

In that post, the researchers wrote that “some [women] say their voices are ignored or drowned out.” Who is drowning them? It would simplify the issue to say it is only men. In reality, there are many parts to the situation. It is likely that the seriousness of the business scenario, in which the managers sit and evaluate their employees based on their words and actions, play a substantial role.

Perhaps the women in the study also felt intimidated by their male counterparts and that is why they did not speak up more? Certainly it was not that they had nothing to say. Personally, I have felt timid around male personalities that are stronger than my own and have remained silent during situations when I had every right – now that I look back on it – to speak up. But, it seemed safer to say nothing and go with the flow.

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How to Expand Your Blog Network with SITS

SITS Girls go on Twitter

SITS Girls Profile on Twitter. Photo: Screenshot taken by Christy Birmingham.

About a week ago, I read about an organization called SITS (The Secret is in the Sauce) from my friend and amazing blogger Janine Huldie. If you don’t know her site already, it’s a great one you will want to subscribe to!

What is SITS?

Now, back to SITS. Janine had written that she was excited about being a Community Lead for the organization. I wanted to learn more about it as soon as I heard it was a women’s network. I went on the SITS website, as well as talking further with Janine about it. I found out the organization provides great opportunities to expand your blogging network!

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Personal Reflections on the Death of Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak


Smiling Skye McCole Bartuskiak

Still from Skye McCole Bartusiak Video. Source: G-News, YouTube

The death of American actress Skye McCole Bartusiak at age 21 is, simply put, tragic. So young and full of life, McCole had a blossoming acting career. On Saturday, her body was found in her Houston, Texas home by her boyfriend. It is possible that her death was related to the epileptic seizures she had been having in the days leading up to the weekend.

Biography of Skye McCole Bartusiak

While you may not recognize her by name, you’ve likely seen Bartusiak in movies or television. She has appeared in TV shows that include 24, Frasier and House. In the famous film The Patriot, she played the youngest daughter of lead actor Mel Gibson. She was in the TV movie Love Comes Softly, amongst other projects.

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