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7 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Women Who Wear Hijabs – Mic

Wow, what a great post about showing the truths about Muslim women (as opposed to strengthening stereotypes) and hijabs. This post is via “A Broad’s View,” and I found it via “Aisha’s Oasis.”

14 thoughts on “7 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Women Who Wear Hijabs – Mic”

  1. That article is deserving of the further dissemination that you have granted it Christy and I can think of a few letterboxes I’d like to stuff it into as well. I imagine that to wear the hijab invokes a cultural pride similar to what this Irishman feels on donning his Donegal Tweed flat cap.

  2. I would like to add, that the veil is a very important part for Muslim women. and for a Muslim woman not just wear but should be able to reflect the attitudes and behavior are good and the principal is to maintain the dignity as a woman.

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  3. Christy!
    I left this comment on the post & I leave it here for you as well.

    I find this an interesting article. I was the Costume Designer (76 episodes) on a TV series “Little Mosque On The Prairie” The creator, Zarqa Nawaz, was my first Muslim friend. She is a/ the woman you speak of, and she has written a new book…. “Laughing All The Way To The Mosque”
    I hope you will check her out!

    1. Hi Resa, I’m glad you left the comment here too so I could read it. I remember the show and how wonderful to learn that you were costume designer for it I will take a look at her site and book details ♥

    2. Thanks, Christy!
      Zarqa is at least 1000 worlds ahead of what is going on in the middle east. Hers is a positive, loving and open voice to be heard!

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