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Shebooks Kickstarter Campaign: Let’s Get More Women Writers Published

Support women writers with Shebooks campaign

Talk about one heck of a good kick in the pants for gender equality! Shebooks has launched a Kickstarter campaign designed to get more women writers published. You may ask, “But, why do we need that?” Well, unfortunately, there are far fewer women traditionally published than men, at least in the US, according to Shebooks. So, let’s support this campaign to help level the writing field between genders! It’s called the 2014 Equal Writes Kickstarter campaign.

What is Shebooks?

Shebooks is an organization based in San Francisco, CA that is devoted to quality women’s writing. The digital publishing company’s goal is twofold – to increase the number of women being published traditionally and to provide more, short reads for female readers.

Let’s start with the first goal – to increase the number of women writers published. Traditional publishers appear to sign with more male writers than females, according to the Shebooks Kickstarter campaign page. And, shockingly (or not), being outnumbered like that has been going on for over 100 years. So, Shebooks aims to publish great women’s stories in a range of genres, from literary fiction to essays. The stipulation? The project must be around 50 pages for the San Francisco company to publish.

That leads us to the second Shebooks goal, to appeal to women readers. It’s apparent we ladies are busy – with little time in our day left after work, family, and other activities to devote to reading. That’s why the books are fairly short in length. The published materials are meant to be easy for women to read on the go, in short segments of time. Can you relate to feeling too busy to read? If so, you’re one of the reasons Shebooks exists. Readers can buy the books one by one or sign on for a subscription service.

Woman reading – perhaps the book is written by a woman too! Photo: By El coleccionista de instantes [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Equal Rights Kickstarter Campaign

The Equal Writes campaign was launched by Shebooks through Kickstarter to raise money to pay women writers. Their goal is to raise at least $50,000 USD and use that money to publish more works written by women. And, I love that the books are not only written by women but read by women. We’re supporting one another!

The goal is of course to increase the rate of women writers as compared to male writers who are being traditionally published. Gender equality, anyone? To date, Shebooks has raised $37,276 USD of the $50,000 USD goal. How amazing will it be if they surpass the goal?! There are 451 backers so far too, with a minimum pledge of just $1 USD.

The 2014 Equal Writes Kickstarter campaign runs until Thursday, June 26, 2014. It’s a month-long campaign – and there’s not much time left in it – so let’s do our part to spread the word about it to help Shebooks raise funds for women writers. Please share this post using the social media share buttons below or donate funds if you can for the valuable project.

6 thoughts on “Shebooks Kickstarter Campaign: Let’s Get More Women Writers Published”

  1. We’ve come a long way from the days when female writers had to use male pseudonyms to have a book published, but there is still a long, long way to go. Shebooks sounds like a likely and lively way to take steps to make it an easier journey.

    1. Yes, they are small steps in the writing world but you as you point out we have made progress :) Thanks for stopping by and for explaining more about the world of authors!

  2. Hello Christy…

    A great initiative over here…

    Have you noticed that during the last decade there have been
    women who won the Nobel Prize in Literature ?…

    Here they are:

    2004: Elfriede Jelinek
    2007: Doris Lessing
    2009: Herta Müller
    2013: Alice Munro : Your canadian fellow writer ;) …

    I think there are too many great female writers who must be on the spotlight!.And they really deserve it…

    Many hugs and best wishes to you,

    Aquileana :D

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Yes, Aquileana. There really are many great women writers. I’m glad you brought up about the high number of women who have won the Nobel Prize in Literature lately as that’s proof of the strong writing abilities of our gender! Thank-you for the positive comment and share on Twitter too! Hugs

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